How Bottle Shops Can Use The New Fetch It Enterprise Delivery System

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With the recent successful launch of our Fetch It Enterprise system, we’d like to start sharing how different types of businesses can make use of this new bike delivery service we are offering in Malta.

Today we are taking the example of how a “local bottle shop” can use the Fetch It app to their advantage given different scenarios.

This is;

How Bottle Shops Can Use Fetch It

Bottle Shops

Customer Request Order To Be Delivered

The Scenario:

You’ve received a sizeable order from a client, but due to the size of this order, your customer is requesting you deliver his order to a specific location.

The Solution:

Higher Fetch It to pick up the delivery and delivery it to your customer’s home.

Although we are an on-demand bike delivery service, we are also equipped to deliver bigger loads using heavier vehicles. We also guarantee you on time delivery, friendly staff and a quick, hassle free service (more on this later).

You’re Taking A Back Order

The Scenario:

A customer might come in asking for a product which (unfortunately) is currently out of stock.

This will usually lead you losing the sale (and probably even the customer), but now it’s possible to offer a back-order delivery service which will allow you to deliver the product to your customer’s home when it comes back in stock.

The Solution:

All you need to do when the product comes back in stock is to request Fetch it to deliver it to your customer. Done – this way you do not lose the sale, nor the customer + you’ll get big points for customer service.

You’re Stocked At Another Location

The Scenario:

Another scenario we see happen quite often here is when a business has multiple store locations.

Some might come in for a certain specific product or bottle, and you only have it “in stock” at other sites.

What to do?

The Solution:

You can request us to “fetch it” for you from the other store to the one where the client is, or; you can request us to deliver the product from the other location and straight to your customer’s home for increased customer satisfaction.

Bonus Tip: Offer On-Demand Delivery

A great idea that may have a significant boost in your sales and customer reach is to promise on-demand delivery for your products.

It’s not a rare occurrence (as a consumer) where you may need a product, but you have no time to get it;.

The Solution:

Offer your customers the option to order online and have their order delivered within a few minutes to their homes. You can set this up through the Fetch It app.

4 Benefits Of Using Fetch It As Your New Delivery System


Friendly Staff

Our staff are hand picked and trained to be polite and effective in their workplace. Using Fetch It riders, you are guaranteed a smiling and polite staff to deliver your products and keep your customers happy.

Easily Tracked

All our deliveries are tracked at every point (pick up, drop off) and you can also see the rider in real time and his or her location on a dedicated app. You will have access to it when you join Fetch It Enterprise.

100% Online

All our transactions are handled online which means you do not have to worry about anything (money being lost, lost transactions, etc).

When the needed arises for a delivery; simply log into the app and request a rider. After that, the job is in our hands.

See how to use the Fetch It app here.

On Time Deliveries

A lot of effort has gone into guaranteeing on-time deliveries and a hassle free delivery.

Once you put in the request, you can rest assured your delivery will be delivered on-time and on-location.

Closing Words

Are you a bottle shop who wishes to start using Fetch It?

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives here or use the online booking engine to get started right away (you can do your first delivery in the next hour).

Here is the process of booking a delivery with Fetch It.

If you have any other business that may need a delivery service, and here are the reasons why every business should have a delivery service, be sure to get in touch with us.

We will be updating our blog with more ways different business can make sue of our service so check back soon or follow us on our Facebook page.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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