Customer FAQ's

What kind of goods can be delivered?

Absolutely anything that fits in our bags as per stated dimensions / weight and is not hazardous.

  • Small personal items: keys, wallet etc
  • Small Consumer Goods: shopping, clothing, pharmaceuticals
  • Large Consumer Goods: kitchen appliances, white goods etc

Where do you offer a service?

Our intention is to offer a malta-wide service however at the moment, in order to maintain our service quality, we are only working in areas marked on the map

How will your fetcher find the pick up or drop off point?

All you need to do is enter an address, if you do not know the address you can send us a what’s app location (just make sure it is accurate to 10m or less)

How will I know what time you are picking up or dropping off?

Once booking is placed you will see ETA to pick up in minutes. Once picked up drop off contact will see ETA to drop off in minutes.

What is the difference in the levels of speed?

Rabbit – once booked we will instantly show you our ETA to pick up and we will aim to fulfil the entire job within 75mins.

Tortoise – once booked we will notify you of scheduled pick up timeframe and 30 minutes before scheduled pick we will notify again and start showing the ETA to pick.

What if my goods arrived damaged?

We hope that this never happens, our fetchers are well trained, however, in the case of an accident we are insured up to EUR 200.

Can I really trust my goods with you?

Our fetchers are well trained and screened before working with us. You can also see their ratings from other peers which gives a good indication of the integrity of each individual fetcher. If you don’t like the fetcher assigned to you, just swipe left and we will allocate another one.

What happens if the receiver is not there to collect goods at delivery?

We will wait at delivery address for 5 minutes and will do our best to get in touch with the delivery contact person. If we really cannot contact the delivery pic, we will leave a note and return to our depo where goods can be picked up or re-delivered at an extra cost.

Can I cancel my booking after it’s placed?

Yes, for the instant service you will have 2mins to cancel booking free of charge and for the same day service you will have 10mins to cancel booking free of charge. A booking can be cancelled anytime after the free period, but a charge will be applicable

Do you deliver to door or to desk?

That is up to our fetcher’s discretion. We recommend our fetchers to deliver right up to your desk even if you are at the top floor of Portomaso! We do, however, suggest that you tip your fetcher for making the effort to come right up to your desk.

Business FAQ's

Is The Price Steady Or Will It Increase?

Fetch It does not require you to sign a contract to get started with us but if you decide to partner with us, we will give you a “merchant agreement” promising you that the price will not be changed for as long as the merchant agreement is valid.

Am I Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction?

Out fetchers have been hand-selected and trained to be the best at their job. They have undergone training on how to deal with your clients, and how to take care of the items that they have been entrusted with. Fetchers are also rated by each client, allowing you to monitor each riders performance.

What If I Am Not Tech Savvy?

The Fetch it platform is extremely easy to use, so it will only involve filling out one form with the delivery address – the rest will be handled by us.

Once you sign up, a representative from Fetch It can also walk you through how to use this service.

Are Urgent Deliveries Possible?

Yes, all our deliveries are considered ”urgent”. Our company promise is to have your packag3e delivered within 45min.

What If My Item Is Too Big To Fit On A Bike?

We currently in the area from Valletta to Pembroke. We have two sizes we can carry.

  • Foods: 55x38x38cm
  • Non Perishables: 60x50x50com

Where Will The Item Be Be Delivered To?

The fetcher will deliver your items up to the front door of your client’s location. It is then up to the fetcher if he or she wishes to take it up stairs and delivering the product to where you customer may request. We also require your company address to be Google Verified for us to find your location without any problems.

Who Is My Point of Contact?

Your point of contact as a business will only be with us. We can then pass on any information you want to share to our fetchers through our platform.

Do I Need An Internet Service To Use Fetch It?

Yes, the entire delivery system used by Fetch It is online-based, so you will need a steady internet connection to use the service.

The fetchers delivering your fetchers will also be online constantly to receive any information you may want to pass on.

Is Fetch It An Affordable Option?

When you start using Fetch It, you only pay for the deliveries you do so there is no need to hire staff, pay for expenses, fuel your delivery methods or pay insurance so yes; Fetch It may be the most affordable solution for you.

What If I Already Have A Delivery System?

If you already have a delivery system of your own, you can keep using it while also booking our fetchers for deliveries that (for some reason) you are unable to complete yourself.