How Fetch It Can Be Used By Event Organisers & Ticket Runners

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Last week we showed you how a bottle shop could start using our new online bike delivery system. This week, continuing with our series of “How businesses can use Fetch It“, we are looking at another “local’ industry that can make great (productive) use of Fetch It.

Today’s post is about how the ticket runners and the event organisers industry (who are two very highly demand industries in Malta’s nightlife scene) can explode their business with the Fetch It bike delivery system.

How A Ticket Runner Can Use Fetch It

With the clubbing scene being so prevalent in Malta, a new “side hustle” for youngsters involved in this industry has become selling tickets for the many various parties that happen around the island all throughout the year.

If you’re a ticket seller/runner, why not consider using Fetch It as your delivery system?

Surely driving around delivering tickets one at a time will take a lot of your time, time that you could be spending more productively and (good news); we’ll gladly take on the job for you.

As for the costs of the delivery and how we can help you get started, please see all the information on our Fetch It Enterprise page.

How An Event Organiser Can Use Fetch It

If, on the other hand, you are the event organiser; using Fetch It as your delivery service could just be even more beneficial to you than for the ticket runner.

Most tickets are now bought (unsurprisingly) are through Facebook and surely; going out and about delivering batches of tickets all over Malta will eat away at your valuable time.

As always, we are very happy to assume this responsibility for you, and we’ll gladly help you distribute all your tickets if you need.

Again; please refer to our signup page for prices on delivery routes.

For more ways to use Fetch it, please refer to our blog to read more about how to Fetch It can be useful for your business.

If you are convinced that Fetch It will be the perfect delivery system for you, we invite you to sign up for free to our system so a Fetch It sales personnel can get in touch with you asap.

You can also see the complete booking process from start to finish here if you want to get started right now.

In Closing

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Talk soon.

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