People DO cry over spilt coffee – A short commentary on correct packaging

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There is an art to packing. Some of us manage to squeeze so much into our tiny carry-on bags, whilst others pride themselves on getting by with the bare minimum. It will never cease to amaze me when I see what an IKEA flatpack can contain (when properly assembled!), much like it never ceases to annoy me when I hear that another sauce has spilt all over the place on route… Perhaps we should just admit that some of us are good at packing and others are not?

Fetchit handles on average between 150 to 200 jobs a day. Each item needs to make it’s way from client to customer intact. Our Fetchers must protect these vulnerable deliveries from adverse weather conditions, slippery fingers and bumps in the road. Most of the time they succeed, it’s accepted that the odd burger bun top might slip a little, but it’s not cool at all when your chips have sunk into your chicken masala or your sushi has been cooked by your soup.

When you travel back from a holiday, you remember to wrap that delicate ornament you bought for your aunt in something thick and soft like a wooly jumper or towel; You separate dirty laundry from whatever clean clothes you have left to make sure you still look good at the arrival gate; And you always remember to pack liquids separately in a small ziplock bag to avoid trouble at the security counter. So why aren’t we taking as much precaution with our special deliveries?

We advise our clients on how best to package their items to avoid any misgivings. Boxes are stacked across one-another to avoid sinking into one-another; cold items are separated from hot ones; and ANYTHING containing liquid should be wrapped in individual plastic bags or cellophane. This way, if there is an accident, damage is limited.

For documents, appropriate envelopes and clear instructions are essential. Our riders will not pick-up a stack of loose sheets and neither will they hand over sensitive information to just anybody. Signatures are required and we advise Fetchers to take photos of items to make sure the items collected are the same as those handed over at final destination.

Now, trying to figure out who’s to blame when things go wrong is always tricky. Sometimes items are handed over in sealed bags so Fetchers can’t check if they were packaged properly; Notes are scribbled in indecipherable handwriting; Poor road conditions upset food and drink; And we admit that even our riders can make a mess of things. If ever this is the case, Fetchit is more than happy to accept responsibility, apologise and offer compensation for any inconvenience incurred.

So, much like packing for that dream holiday, let’s make sure we come prepared to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

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