Pollution in Malta: How to Help Clean-Up the Environment

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Pollution is a major issue for the world. In spite of this and the knowledge we have about the dangers of pollution, pollution in Malta is at its highest; with no sign of a real solution anywhere close.
Here at Fetch It, we believe that taking care of our environment and the health of the current generation, and the one to come, rests upon the action the people take.

Our recently launched Fetch It delivery service should help to combat that – although it is not enough. It’s time for everybody to do their bit and that is what this article is all about today.

Let’s look into it:

Pollution in Malta: Things You can do to Create a Cleaner Environment

The Number of Vehicles

Malta is the most car-dependent nation in the EU, yet has the shortest commuting distances – and we are holding the record of the highest vehicles per capita with the lowest occupancy rates.

Around 75%  of cars on the road in Malta are driven with their driver as the sole passenger.

We’ve tried to reduce the pollution level to an acceptable rate for several years and it’s laudable that the cars level on the island is still taunt.

A big part of pollution is (obviously) linked directly to cars. The amount of cars is too big and old cars throw out a lot of fine particles that affect our health.

As we’ve said in a previous article, 28 cars are added in Malta every day.

Costs for the People

In a recent interview, Malta’s transport minister Joe Mizzi said that traffic is costing 200 million a year to the Maltese economy and will increase to 1.2 billion by 2050 if we don’t change our policies.

This big problem is due to the massive congestion we have on our roads, causing loss of time and therefore productivity. After all, time is money. Think about how much of both you could save if you rode a bike to work instead.

Take a minute to stop and think about what a car costs to you, and then consider all that money you are spending for something you could replace, or use less.

Air Quality

Air pollution is also linked to many illnesses such as heart disease and stroke, particularly for vulnerable people such as young children and the elderly.

Moreover, cancers – which are directly linked with those diseases – is also an expensive cost for society.

The reality is that air quality is not the same all over the island. More urbanised areas have the highest pollution concentration due to traffic congestion.
For people who want to go deeper into this issue and understand the many cons of high pollution levels, we recommend a visit to this website which gives you real time pollution in Malta.

Nature And Biodiversity

There are many things that we already, for instance; Malta already has a high-rate of solar panel installation and it’s good!

Despite our tendencies for air pollution, we do have many eco-friendly measures in place in our small island. Our lovely little island enjoys 300+ days of sunshine – which has led to a high influx in the installation of solar panels.

Having said that, we need to minimise our impact on energy consumption by managing other areas such as:

  • Our waste management.
  • Our water quality.
  • Our green infrastructure.

Closing Words

We hope you’ve found the information contained within this article interesting.

Don’t forget to share the article and stay tuned – in the next article we will talk about good initiatives in Malta that will bring some positive vibes to our beautiful island.

If you would like to know more about our new bike delivery system, or would like to become a fetcher and help combat pollution in Malta, be sure to apply as a fetcher here.

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