Fetch It’s “Team Building” Day Out Around Malta

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Earlier this year, the whole team of Fetch It riders embarked on a “team building day out” around Malta on their bikes.

As the old saying goes; work hard, play hard and seeing how hard much the Fetch It riders work, it was a great treat for the team to enjoy a “leisure ride” .


Fetch It’s Day Out: Our Team Building Activities

With all the on the bikes on their racks, the Fetch It team embarked to the meeting point, Ghajn Tuffieha.

Everyone quickly & eagerly set up all their bikes and we set off, after the rain stopped pouring!

We started the trail towards the Ghajn Tuffieha tower, eventually heading down towards the Majjistral Nature Park.

After many muddy selfies, the Fetch It Team ventured on towards the Manikata outskirts.  It was super, seeing both dispatchers & fetchers together on two wheels! Some 15 km later, our first part of the day came to an end; so we circled back towards Ghajn Tuffieha.

With the bikes packed and the mud whipped of our faces, the team headed back to Fetchit HQ.

The tables were turned, when Melanie (a dispatcher) kindly ventured up to our friends at The Pulled Meat Company, to fetch some divine pies and ftajjar, which were quickly washed down by some delicious shakes from Thirsty Cow!

Reflecting on how we can improve our system and keep hustling forward, it’s safe to say team Fetch It’s first team building event was a success.

Below you will find some images from our day out and about. If you’re interested in joining Fetch it as a team member and rider, and also to make some extra money in your spare time, be sure to apply on the fetcher page.

We look forward to having you part of the Fetch It community.

Pictures From Fetch It’s Team Building Day Out:



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