Why It’s Important For Businesses To Have A Delivery System

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With more people moving to a more “digital approach” for their shopping (and trends show more and more people are using online shopping), businesses need to be able to meet this demand and new phenomenon.

Offering a delivery service can get you a step closer to this goal and today we want to share with you why it’s important for businesses to have a delivery system in place to better serve their customers.

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Why Businesses Need To Have A Delivery System

Malta’s “Pulled Meat Company” uses Fetch It as its delivery system.

It Increases Punctuation

When a company decides to offer a delivery service, bad punctuality can significantly reduce customer’s satisfaction and therefore may have negative implications for the business.

Unfortunately ‘on time’ delivery can be a complicated goal to achieve in Malta due to the traffic conditions. Luckily, at Fetch It we have a solution to this problem: we deliver your products by bike.

Delivering by bike means that we are able to avoid traffic in most of the situations and guarantee on-time delivery.

Your customers will be satisfied and your business will grow.

Customer Satisfaction

One way we are noticing businesses using our services is that when an item is out of stock (or stocked in another location), they are use the Fetch It service to “fetch” (pun intended) from the store and have it delivered to the customer’s home.

This is a great initiative and a process that will result in a much greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On the other hand, have you ever faced the situation when a customer came to your shop or company and asked for a product that was out of stock?

Most likely this customer will eventually go to another shop or company to get his product. But what would happen if you told your customer that you will deliver the product to his door as soon as you have the item in-stock?

This is great initiative for companies to increase their customers’ satisfaction and loyalty: being able to deliver the product to the customer’s home when they have asked for an item that was out of stock.

It is becoming a new tendency in Malta between Maltese shop owners to use Fetch It to send the out of stock product to their customers.

You Get A Bigger Reach

With using a delivery system, even more so if you adopt our bike delivery service, your business will have a much more significant reach.

In theory, you can start accepting orders from all over Malta and have the Fetch It team deliver the items to your new customers.

Also, many companies in Malta face the problem of having limited customer reachability due to their location.

Many customers will prefer a shop or a company that is close to them in order to avoid wasting time being stuck in traffic, but what would happen if the company can actually deliver the product to the customer’s door?

Many customers would prefer this option as it is comfortable and convenient for them. On the other hand, the business owner would increase their customer reachability by being able to deliver the product to several locations.

This is a win-win situation, the customer is satisfied with the service and the business increases its revenue.

It Increases Sales

Having a bigger reach, along with an increase in customer satisfaction and punctuality will most often guarantee more sales for your business.

The best thing about it is these new (extra) sales, if done through Fetch It will also increase your profitability as our research shows it’s much more affordable to outsource your delivery needs then hiring and managing your own delivery system.

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In Closing

Thank you very much for reading, if you are interested in learning more about Fetch it work and how it can help your business, please see our Business sign up page and do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the sales personnel for more info.

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